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Analysis of various sorting algorithms.

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This project helps in understanding the time complexity, that is to find out and analyse the time taken for each of the sorting algorithms to complete sorting a fixed or random dataset. Analysis of these algorithms help us in determining the quickest and most effective method to sort data under various circumstances and scenarios.


For the latest stable version, head to Releases.

Download and extract the source code.

As an alternative, you could also clone the repository using,

git clone


Once you have all the files on your local system, you can launch it by double tapping the file present in the src folder. You can do this only if you have the python launcher installed.

Else, cd/ to the src folder on your terminal and type python

Enter the number of terms to be sorted and select your sorting algorithm.

Note : Once visualisation is completed, you can find all the information about it present within the Sorting_algorithm_data.csv file created in the src folder.



Data collected


To contribute to Algorithm-Analysis, fork the repository, create a new branch and send us a pull request. Make sure you read before sending us Pull requests.

Also, thanks for contributing to Open-source!


Algorithm-Analysis is under The MIT License. Read the LICENSE file for more information.