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About Me

Hey! This is Vijay. I'm a Data Science Aspirant and a Programming Enthusiast. I live by the words of Gabrielle Bernstein, “Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.” I'm an active Open Source Contributor. I love to solve riddling algorithmic problems. I have worked in the various fields of Computer Science and Engineering, such as Network Security, Web Designing, Data Analysis and Machine Learning.


Visual Basic
VS Code

Education & Experience

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Built a production-ready application, Productivity Monitoring Tool that tracks user data to provide an in-depth analysis of user activity on their computer i.e., desktop apps used and for how long, and to display statistical information and block apps/websites to help the user stay more focused during his/her work time.

Python Django Web Application Dev Back-End Dev

DocCompare is a patented approach that was created to solve/prevent the problem of character injection in document similarity algorithms based on k-grams

Djnago Algorithm Preprocessing Word and Image segmentation Document analysis

This is an Arduino Project that allows you to lock and unlock any computer with the help of an RFID Reader. The main objective of this project is to utilize an Arduino Board to lock/unlock a Computer. A project built to reduce the time it takes to manually type a password, and allows users to use complex passwords without the worry about forgetting it.

Arduino Firmwares Hex files RFID

This project was created to specifically monitor CSGO Items in the Steam Market. It was an attempt at learning the basics of Web Scraping. The program notifies the user when the product value decreases below the desired price and hence saves both money and time. It works on Steam’s Application Programming Interface(API) to collect item information in a JSON format which is then parsed to extract data.

Python JavaScript Object Notation Web Scraper APIs

Open Source Projects

For more information about my open source activities, check out my profile here .

A collection of all my Java programs

12 28
beginner-friendly data-conversion data-structures games hackerrank hacktoberfest hacktoberfest2020 java java-8 program-collection sorting-algorithms

A-Z of Python Essentials in one place

23 13
beginners-guide hacktoberfest hacktoberfest2022 magic-methods meta-programming program-collection python python-guide python3

My GitHub Profile

github github-profile-readme personal-portfolio

Update old and outdated Node.js packages with ease using this API

Random number generator

fun-project number-generator random-generation react-basic-project reactjs

A Free and Simple to use URL Shortner

netlify npm-module shorten-urls urlredirector

An application built to monitor CS:GO prices on the Steam market

6 1
csgo csgo-items csgo-market csgo-skins steam-api steammarket webscraper

My Personal Notes and Resources : https://docs.vijaybalaji.me

gitbook notes resources wiki

A simple and easy to use Spam Bot

12 9
automation python3 random-generation spambot

GUI based YouTube Video/Audio Extractor

gui-application python3 pytube youtube-downloader

A GUI based application that calculates typing speed

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python3 typing-practice typingspeedtest

An assortment of all my python projects

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projects python-projects python3

A python application that hides your files and folders

folder-locker folder-structure hide-files hide-folder python3 safety

A Python application built to keep your passwords safe and collected.

password-manager password-store python3 sqlite3-database

A Small Cluster Of All My MatLab Codes

mathematical-programming matlab programs-solved

Lock Or Unlock Any Computer Using An RFID Reader and an Arduino UNO

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arduino atmel firmware hex-files rfid

An application built to help you keep track of your medical records and prescription.

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c healthcare-application healthtracker mini-project python3

An application built to help you sort your files into dedicated folders.

file-sorter files folder-management python3 sorter sorting

A customized version of windows notepad with additional features

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custom-notepad customised darkmode notepad

A Simple GUI based Chat Room Application.

chatroom python-3 socket-programming

Analysing various sorting algorithms


Contains scripts that run the ASM-API system

A Collection Of My Visual Basic Programs

graphic-design pacman programs-solved visual-basic

This repository is made for shortlisting candidates for the WSOC2001 (BackEnd) Project.


A pseudo version of the Instagram API using GoLang.



Hey! If you are trying to get hold of me, you can contact me via mail at vijaybalaji2477@gmail.com or through any of the social links present below. You can also check out my Blog here. Thanks for checking out my profile!